Meeting with Streetlight

July 21, 2009



We had a good meeting with Streetlight Films on Friday, in which we updated them on all the changes that have taken place regarding our plans for “Aduro.”

We now have quite a clear plan, and have already sent letters to register as a charity and as a corporation.  

They sound like they could play a big part in getting Aduro off the ground, which is excellent. 

Aduro has the potential to become a big deal. I have high hopes for it.



June 26, 2009



I know it’s been a while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean that things have ground to a halt.

Far from it.

In fact, we’ve joined forces with a good friend of mine in an effort to expand this whole idea into wider territory. The registration process is difficult, but it is important if we’re going to get the support of the production companies who have offered to help us. 

Where this project started off as an effort to get books into Africa, that is now just one part of it. We will also attempt to address literacy problems in this country as well. The advertising will still focus on the Africa side of things, however.

It may sound like we’re biting off more than we can chew, but we’re confident we can pull this off in an engaging, unique way.

Now that our goals have become larger, it is also necessary for us to register as a corporation first, so that we’re not personally liable in the unlikely event of any legal action along the way. We have high hopes for this, and need  to make sure we do it right the first time.

The charitable corporation will be called ‘Aduro,’ and we are currently wading through layers of red tape to get it off the ground. 

Once this is approved, we can finally begin raising funds.



We are now looking into registering “Dying To Read” as a charity in it’s own right. It looks like it could be a lot of work, so I will be meeting up with a friend on Friday to go through it all. 

It may be that it’s not possible at this stage, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

Picture 1


Ben Kay and Daryl Corps are currently freelancing at our agency, and we went to introduce ourselves this morning. 

They seem like really top blokes and they have an extremely impressive backlog of work. 

We’ll be discussing some initial thoughts and potential contacts  later on today. 

We’re lucky to have them on board.


To see their work, visit:


May 7, 2009


Just to clarify to anyone who is working on this project, the first part of this campaign is going to be purely based on raising awareness of the problem.  

It will not ask for money or books.

Later on when we have a proper website up and running we will provide the option of donating money as opposed to books. This is for two reasons. Firstly because organizing shipping is an extremely complicated and expensive business, and secondly because a lot of the books that get donated to developing countries are either completely irrelevant or outdated. 

Many charities deal with this problem by accepting ONLY monetary donations, which they then use to buy new books that they know will be put to good use.

We will either send the monetary donations that we raise to one of these charities, or we will look into setting ourselves up as a charity in our own right. 

But for now people just need to know that there’s a real deficit in Africa, that sends ripples throughout their entire way of life.


Louise from Streetlight films came in to see us today, with the photographer Marc Rogoff and the director Catherine Taylor in tow. 

They had some really interesting thoughts and already have an idea about how they might implement them.

We also have an idea involving a projector and a famous london building, and they will be helping us bring that to life. 

We can already see that they are going to be a real asset to the cause. We’re really pleased to have them on board. 


To see Marc’s work, visit:


To see Catherine’s work, visit:


We met up with Roz Houchin and Dave Ma from Pulse films on Friday, and they are keen to get on board with the project. 

Dave has already had some interesting ideas for the TV, and we look forward to working with him.

Here are some examples of his work:

With the help of people like Dave this project can really move forwards.

Thanks to Desmond

May 5, 2009



Desmond from Mindshare was kind enough to pay us a visit at our office and talk to us about media space opportunities.

He was incredibly helpful and has given us a great deal of new avenues to explore. 

We will most definitely be keeping him in the loop!

Thanks Desmond!


(Please note: the above image is not an accurate representation of the real Desmond.)

The Search for Directors

April 28, 2009



This is a very important part of our campaign, but also one of the hardest to organize.

Because once again it has to be done for free. 

We are currently looking for young, energetic directors who are looking for an opportunity to show what they’re made of in the name of a good cause. 

The search continues…

Thanks to Amy Carter!

April 28, 2009



The lovely Amy Carter has also agreed to get involved in the project!

We will be meeting with her at 1pm on Wednesday to discuss the project.

To see more of her work, visit: